Dan Bray is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Halifax, as well as the artistic director of The Villain's Theatre. Favourite roles include The Cat (Pinocchio, SBTS), Sherlock Holmes (Return to Baker Street, Halifax Fringe), The Stonefly (The Blazing World, Villains), the Archduke/Duchess (Orlando, Workshirt Opera), and Dan Bray (I the Greatest, Halifax Fringe). Next up, look for Dan in his brand new fringe play, Herbie Dragons (co-written by Kevin Hartford), as well as Life on Flat Earth (Terra Novella). This will be Dan's fourth season with SBTS, and he is so excited to be back on the berm with all his buds, even Tommy. Thanks to everyone for their love and support, especially Mac, Carey, Jen, and Gil.

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