Garry Williams is an actor, musician, director, writer, composer, and educator about town. Performance credits include All’s Well, Julius Caesar, Lear, As You Like It (SBTS); Tyrant (Villains); How Do I Love Thee? (Angels & Heroes); The FEAR Project, Making Out With Marx (DaPoPo); Chess With the Doomsday Machine (OneLight); Opening Night, Munsch Upon A Time (Festival Antigonish); Miracle Man, Joan By Fire (Two Planks); Litmus Road, Tournament of Lies (Us -vs- Them). Composition credits include Peter Pan, Pinocchio (SBTS); King of Berlin (Doppler Effect); Tyrant (Villains); Munsch Upon A Time (Festival Antigonish); The FEAR Project, and So… What About Love (DaPoPo)? He is a founding member and Artistic Director of DaPoPo Theatre. This Fall, his original musical KAMP, a musical about homosexuals in a WWII concentration camp, co-written with Jamie Bradley, will premiere on the Scotiabank Stage in a co-production with Eastern Front and Neptune Theatre.

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