All's Well That Ends Well

"All's Well That Ends Well"; a saying referring to an event that has a good ending even though it was a tough journey to get there. In this play, that journey is very fraught with obstacles and in the end we are not quite sure it will work out…but we hope it will….rather like life. The journey of this play studies characters who are young, impetuous, wanting to find something on their own versus another, older generation that see things pre-formulated. The end of this play is really the beginning – we travel with Helena, Betram, and Parolles to the point where their lives are starting….the young couple with all the incumbent problems of leaving youthful pursuits behind and Parolles reminding us that he will survive, no matter what the circumstances.

The king is dead, long live the king….that is the cycle of succession.


Audience members have the option of booking "Sweet Seats" which includes reserved premium seating, a chair rental and a complimentary bottle of water; or they can make their general admission donation when they reach the Cambridge Battery. Cash and credit are accepted.

All's Well That Ends Well at The Cambridge Battery

All's Well That Ends Well matinees at The Park Place Theatre

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